Analyze Your Crawl Budget with Seoctor Log Analyzer

Seoctor Log Analyzer is the first and only web server log file analysis tool dedicated to evaluating advanced SEO scenarios. The tool comprehensively and precisely demonstrates how any search engine is crawling your digital assets, so you can optimize your site to increase organic visibility and performance.

The solution works ideally for any industry or company, analyzing up to 100M search engine requests per day.

Monitor Google’s Behavior with Seoctor Log Analyzer

For enterprise websites, Google’s limited crawl resources mean that on average, almost 40% of content is left uncrawled! How many millions of views are you losing because your traffic-driving pages aren’t even being discovered by Google?

Seoctor Log Analyzer is the only solution that marries enterprise log file analysis with a powerful technical SEO platform. See, at a glance, how your crawl budget is being spent. Are your crawled pages low value, suffering from 404s, non-compliance issues, or poor content quality? Are valuable pages not being crawled due to technical SEO issues?

Unleash the power of SEO log file analysis to maximize your crawl and gain immediate ROI. Watch the webinar on demand now.

Kpi Metrics

Unique Crawled Pages
Bot Hits
Newly Crawled Pages
Crawl Frequency
Crawl Behavior
Hits Distribution
Seo Visits
Active Pages
Unique Crawled Resources
Resources Crawl Frequency
Sum of Bytes
Page Load Time

Why Is Log Analysis Important For Seo?

What do the experts say?

Log files are so underrated, so much good information in them.

This is awesome

— John Mueller

What are the 5 things I would optimize on my site? URL Structure, titles, good content, fresh content and check my server logs & analytics.

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